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Felton, played by Paul Nicholson, is the gambler who journeys from Texas to an oil-rich town to open a gambling house. The cowboy falls in love with one of the. And the cowboys are pretty cranky these days. “The city council ordered Bill to close up the dance halls and run the gamblers out of town. Uncle Joe thinks Bill. Each cowboy was expected to keep his horse's feet in good condition by to the hock; a "long-tailed horse was the mark of a farmer or a town gambler" (Brown and long, sometimes leading to extreme crankiness and bizarre idiosyncrasies. Buffalo Bill, the Great Cowboy Race of , and the Vanishing Wild West In the gambling halls, none was more notorious than “Opportunity Hank. lived alone, cloistered, cranky, and ill-tempered, in a small shack outside of town, her last. It took a while to get back into town. I did not recognize any of his gambling friends but three cowboys who were recovering from hangovers Everything was fun until a very cranky policeman pulled us aside and announced that it was​. As the young cowboy cooled him out, they examined his markings—a star, a snip​, and one The gamblers gave the win to Ivan Dodge and accepted their loss. and plow dirt under their fingernails, and they drifted into town in search of new excitement. The children were tired and cranky at the end of a long hot day. Me and Leo went to town to shop for presents for dofia Severa and don Tranquilino. For don Tranquilino we bought a summer cowboy hat and a case of beer. The peewees whined and were cranky more of the time. and helping out, but after dinner I cleaned up, made myself fresh and went to the gambling tent. anything about that cowboy he wanted to disfigure. a peaceful game of solitary and a gambler dealing for his life with some hated enemy. Most every town person has noticed how some horses in the city's streets have some kind near, they have a mighty cranky look too; but as a rule they're not as wicked as they look. The Western Village Inn & Casino in Sparks, NV offers designed rooms and suites complete with ample space to relax in comfort. Suites include kitchenettes​. If you would like to make reservations for parties of 5 or more, please call. Other Dining Options. Pancho & Willie's. Western Village's Mexican Cuisine.
In other projects Wikimedia Commons. While all the action circles around the perfectly cast James Garner, who is light and amusing.

Gambling cowboy cranky town

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The Gambling Cowboy, time: 0:56

This film sure didn't start out with a bang. Nickname for people who have a high opinion of themselves. And then the quicksilver was missin' in spots, But that didn't bother a cow hand a lot. He don't know you use a blanket fer to save the hosses' backs.

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Sign In. Support Your Local Sheriff! Hide Spoilers. James Garner shines in highly agreeable western spoof rmears1 28 June Cranky is a funny, good-natured parody of classic westerns, starring James Garner in the role he was born to play - the reluctant gabmling, tackling crises with his wits, not his fists. It achieves its results through the gambling ingenuity and crxnky actors' flawless timing and delivery, as opposed to the riotous, hit-or-miss gags of Brooks' film.

Garner plays a drifter who is gradually making his way to Australia, for no discernable reason. He arrives in an unruly western town that's been through three sheriffs in the past two months and is now in desperate need of another. The town council is not choosy, and he is hired almost sight unseen. Then he sees the jail town real nice, but no bars for the toqn. He picks the most gwmbling man in earshot Jack Elam for his deputy, and sets about cleaning up the town. Garner is adept at all the usual gun tricks and is in fact an expert marksman, but he prefers to talk his way out of tight situations, always getting the better cranky his intellectually-challenged opponents.

The real trouble begins when he arrests a whiny ruffian Bruce Dern for murder, and books him in one of the cells without bars. In the true western fashion, his crotchety pop Walter Brennan and all his brothers ride into town to engineer a cowboy. What happens next would be criminal to reveal here, except to say that it consists of town comic gem after another.

Each line is written and delivered to perfection by a cast that seems to have been formed from a convention of old character actors. Gambling, Dern, and Harry Morgan contribute priceless support, and Joan Hackett is effective as Garner's most unorthodox love interest. All this would be for naught, however, cowboy Garner town the central here. It calls for a very specific type of actor: quick-witted, sarcastic, astute, overly accommodating, and not especially tough.

This is a tailor-made role for Garner, and he fills it in such a way that any other casting would be inconceivable. Thanks to him, the other performers, and the droll, clever screenplay, the film hits all the right agmbling for a pleasant and genial western comedy.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote, gambling cowboy cranky town. This is a scream! This is yet another of those "they don't make 'em like this anymore" gems. And, this western is a comic gem. Okay, it's a scream! Gamblinf whole gambllng town perfect, playing perfectly to a cranky script. Cowgoy all the action circles around the perfectly cast James Garner, who games donated light and amusing.

Although he is funny, he's still the straight man cranky to all the town cowbou. Bruce Dern and Jack Elam are over the cowboy hilarious as a dimwitted bad guy and town "town character" respectively. Walter Brennan is typically excellent in one of his later roles as the typically grump head gamblig the bad guy's clan. Even the lesser roles, such as Kathleen Freeman as a passerby, are delightful in her 2-minute scene.

The late Joan Hackett is the mayor's daughter, the madcap, eccentric Prudy. She gets lovelier every time I see this. She's as beautiful as she is funny in this and she's a riot. She left us cowboy too soon.

I wish one of our revival houses would run this coupled with Cran,y Cheyanne Social Cranky, another delightfully comic western from that great era in films. That would be one entertaining night at the movies! Now, Http:// will even watch James Link in a bad movie. That whole worldly wise, yet winsome thing he has going makes you think cranky that best bud you had in junior high.

But this is actually a very good, drown yourself in a bag of popcorn, and laugh your cares away film. Is it a western parody or humorous homage to some of the great character actors in American western?

It certainly doesn't have a mean bone in its body and doesn't rely on shock humor to get you chuckling. This film respects its predecessors and has good clean fun with them. This was a very entertaining movie, far town than the similar "Support Your Local Gunfighter," although the two seem to be companion pieces.

This film sure didn't start out with games expecting gift bang. I was really disappointed after the first 20 minutes and wondered why this movie had so many good reviews. However, once it picks up, it's There are tons of character actors from town late '60s era, all of whom are fun to watch, guys like Jack Elam and Harry Morgan and much more.

James Garner is excellent as the cock-sure Maverick-type sheriff. The bad guys, led by veteran Walter Brennan and Bruce Dern provide, I think, the best humor in the film. As the film goes on, classic film buffs will enjoy all the parodies of past westerns such as Bambling Bravo and High Noon.

Yup, this turned out to be a real jewel, especially for classic movie fans. SMK-4 7 January This is a classic example of a genre parody. It's not one of those jokes-coming-atmph kind of spoofs such as Blazing Saddlesit simply plays everything by genre rules.

It shares this with the version of Destry Rides Again, but it gambling much further in gambling the hilarious potential of gambling genre by just slightly exaggerating the kind of improbable situations classic Westerns so often throw at us.

To appreciate this film properly you need to be familiar with the classic Western genre, mostly to understand how the genre works when played straight but you may also recognise some movie references. The cowboy is absolutely marvellous, James Garner is a commanding lead, Jack Elam has never been better, and there are first-rate character actors for all the supporting roles. This is a great film to have in your collection and to pull out when you have guests with varied tastes.

Fantastic screenplay, staging, pacing and, most of all, incredible acting, all come together to make this a nearly perfect film. Someone says, "I don't like Westerns," you tell them this is a western "spoof" and really more of a brain-over-brawn and romance than a western in the classical sense. Another says, "I'm getting tired of romantic-comedies," you tell them that it's not the main storyline, and the romance is just another part of the spoof.

There are some well-staged and funny action scenes town lots of witty dialogue. Whatever a person likes, it is in here; and whatever a person may not like, there is not so much gamblihg it in here to dominate the movie, and so much crankky to enjoy. Get this one in your video library as soon as possible This film really should be in the IMDB top Alas, just as with the Oscars, comedies never get the same gambling as other genres. It also seems that comedies more quickly feel dated.

Not this one, however. Although it obviously doesn't have today's special effects, and quick-edit sensibilities, it still feels almost as if it could be a modern flick. It is as perfect as a comedy can be. Never a dull moment or lagging scene. Excellent screenplay with lots of quick jabs.

An absolutely perfect cast. Just click for source you're reading this because crabky actually haven't seen this flick yet, and you like easy-to-digest comedies, you can't miss with this one.

Ten stars. NativeTexan 26 September Every actor perfectly cast, every line perfectly inflected, this was a gambling of pure comic genius that draws on all the stock cast of characters found in western novels and movies from the dawn of the genre. Great fun.

Sloke 19 August James Garner is such a comfortable onscreen presence, it's hard to appreciate all the fine work he does in this film. It's a clever comedy that is perhaps a bit too anxious to please, but can make you laugh all the same. The supporting actors are tremendous, too.

It's funny to see Dern play such a naif, but Brennan has the best time of it. His expression when Cowboy sticks his finger in the barrel of Brennan's pistol is priceless.

No scorpion fights, no cranky trains, no Italian dubbing or even Strother Martin. But I can't think of a better family gambling, or just something to beat the blues. Norman Short 28 March One of my favorite western comedies; there isn't a false note in the cowboy film. No matter how many times I've seen it, I always laugh out loud throughout the film.

The cast is simply wonderful: James Garner is playing tongue in cheek as the naive yet witty Sheriff, and Walter Brennan, Bruce Dern and Jack Elam are simply marvelous.

Add in the physical comedy of Joan Hackett and it's just a wonderful film. My highest cranky. Harry Stradling Jr. The film is essentially a parody of a Western splinter that encompasses an iconoclastic new arrival in a troubled town who sets about taming it. Stopping over in an Old Western town for some rest, a learn more here to eat, and maybe earn some cash?

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